Ciao tutti! 

Hope you have a happy monday. For some of you, it’s even a day off! Mine? So far, so good. I woke up easily at 4am to catch my early flight. I’m an early bird but not as much as a 4am alarm clock! The good part and I am sure everybody can relate to that is that it’s always a piece of cake to get up when you go on vacation. The idea of missing the flight and the excitment of travelling are enough to not even need my iphone and Isaac Hayes (my alarm clock song is the « Shaft »). 

After a messy check-in (crowded with only a couple of opened desks) and an hour waiting on the tarmac to take off, we’re finally in the air. I can enjoy that time to post an article. I’m not a big sleeper while flying or in any other type of transportation for that matter. I like to enjoy the view with some good music. It makes me think and dream. As I listen to my ipod in shuffle mode while flying over the Alps, I can tell you that Franck Sinatra is not just good for a romantic comedy that takes place in New York City! It’s also very charming here. Netherless, I’ll be soon leaving Mrs Robinsom for some good old fashion italian music. No need to think twice, Eros Ramazzotti is my choice to start with. Only because like this, I feel I have my big sister with me. Having italian roots & travelling in Southern Italy always make me think first of my family. « La famiglia »… My sister and I share this unconditional love for this beautiful country. A place with so many hidden treasures. You’re never disappointed. You’ll see yourself through future posts. So growing up, we listened to a lot of italian music and Eros, well it’s Eros! I’ll keep the memories and some embarrassing stories to myself…! Also, I know he’s familiar to many so uou know who I’m talking about.Wait… Here we go: « Un attimo di pace », in my ears.

Living in Italy for several years,  I got to discover many singers and groups. From rock to hip hop. From pop to traditional music like tarantella, pizzica. I even got to dance on it!! A lot of fun! Especially when you’re surrounded by locals, in an old masseria, in the middle of an olive grove. Magic! Here are some names I listen to: Ligabue, Elisa, Biagio Antonacci, Negramaro, Negrita, Lucio Battisti, Ludovico Einaudi, Jovanotti, Paolo Conte, Vasco Rossi, Neffà,  Zucchero, Manekà (Friends of mine who are a group of traditional misic. They’re very good. Check on Youtube)… 

I got to go now but I’ll try to post later the firt pictures! 

A dopo!!